The difference between PVC insulation tape and electrical tape

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Insulating tape is an ordinary electrical insulating tape, (that is, it is often said that electrical tape) has its own adhesive surface and can be pasted with any adhesive. Other solid phases are viscous. The general insulating self-adhesive tape has a sturdy plastic film. Tear off this layer of film. It sticks to itself and has a little flexibility. It is generally used for waterproofing, high temperature (high current) or Chase is used for wrapping around cables.


PVC Insulating Tape


Different features

Electrical tape: Electrician Nine refers specifically to the leakage of protective electricity used by electricians and acts as an insulation. It has the characteristics of good insulation voltage resistance, extreme, weather resistance, etc., suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection and other characteristics.
PVC insulation tape: convenient source, low price, and good sealing. The back is made of EPDM and related auxiliary agents, and it has the functions of novelty, material, insulation, and anti-aging materials.


PVC Insulating Tape


Different uses

Electrical tape: Suitable for the insulation of all kinds of accidental parts. Such as wire connector, fault repair, repairable, motor, motor, voltage stabilizer and other various motors, insulation protection of electronic parts. It can also be used for sealing, fixing, overlapping, wrapping, drying and protecting in industrial processes.
pvc insulation tape: Insulation September refers to preventive measures used by workers, a leakage of insulation. Insulating tape, tape, composed of base tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.



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