Several correct connection methods of insulated terminals ?

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For insulated terminals, in order to give full play to excellent effects in manufacturing, effective wiring is very critical. So what must be paid attention to when connecting insulated terminals? What is the interface method? Let's master it together:


Insulated terminals

Insulated terminal crimping is a technology that reduces and moves metal materials within the required range and connects the transmission line to the contact point pair. A good crimp connection can cause metal materials to flow together, causing the transmission lines and circuit breakers to deform symmetrically to the raw materials. This type of connection is similar to a cold-welded connection, which can obtain stronger impact toughness and continuity of electrical equipment, and can bear more extreme natural environmental standards. At this stage, most of them feel that proper crimp connection is better than welding, especially in high current conditions.
Insulated terminal welding generally refers to solder, and the continuity of the metal material between the welding material and the surface to be welded is critical for the welding connection. Therefore, solderability is critical for connecting terminals. Tin-aluminum alloy, silver and gold are common coatings for connecting terminals. The common welding ends of a pair of leaf spring circuit breakers are welding plates, stamping die welding plates and vacant welding plates. A circular arc-shaped vacancy is drilled on the general welding end of the pin-eye circuit breaker pair.


Insulated terminals

Insulation terminal puncture connection is also called insulation exchange connection. During the whole connection process, the cable does not need to strip the cable sheath. The U-shaped touch spring tip of the connecting terminal pierces the cable sheath to make the cable The electrical conductor of the wire slides into the concave shape of the contact spring sheet and is clamped, thereby creating an inseparable electrical connection between the electrical conductor of the cable wire and the spring sheet connecting the terminal.
Insulated terminal winding is to immediately coil the transmission line on the winding post of the corner contact piece. When crimping, the transmission line is under the condition of manipulating the supporting force, and it is pressed into and fixed at the corner of the rewinding machine column of the touch piece, resulting in an air-tight touch. There are several regulations for winding transmission lines: the allowable error value of the cable diameter should be within the range of 0.25mm~1.0mm. When the cable diameter does not exceed 0.5mm, the elongation rate of the cable shall not be less than 15%. When the diameter of the stainless steel wire exceeds At 0.5mm, the elongation of the raw material of stainless steel wire shall not be less than 20%. Special tools for rewinding machine include rewinding machine gun and fixed winding machine.


Insulated terminals

In summary, in the whole process of connecting insulated terminals, suitable connection methods should be selected according to the specific conditions to ensure the normal operation of all wiring products. What is explained is the interface method of insulated terminals. I hope that I can help you to some extent. If you want to master a lot of basic information about insulated terminals, you are warmly welcome to click on the company's website address to visit!

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