The purpose and use skills of expansion pipes

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The use of the expansion tube is actually very simple. We only need three steps to complete the operation of the expansion tube.
1. Use a drill with the same diameter as the plastic expansion pipe to make holes in the wall (the depth of the hole is 0.5CM longer than that of the plastic expansion pipe)
2. Use a hammer to drive the plastic expansion tube into the wall hole
3. Fix the hook with screws


expansion tube


Uses of plastic expansion pipes

Used to fasten the connection and installation of various small and medium-sized pendant items. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Avoid lifting heavy objects, heavy equipment objects, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

Tips for using expansion tube

1. Drill the prefabricated holes in a vertical and balanced way at one time to avoid repeated drilling of the same hole multiple times.
2. To clean the holes, the cleaning can be blown with wind, water, sweeping with wool, etc., to remove the residue left during the drilling, so as to reduce the sliding of the expansion tube caused by the dust to increase the friction.
3. Avoid repeated use of holes and expansion tubes. Holes that are used multiple times will expand when the expansion tube is expanded. However, if the same hole is used multiple times, it is easy to cause sliding. If the same expansion tube is used multiple times, it will It can cause the expansion tube to break and deform, easily cause the screws to deviate, and the tightening force is not good.
4. For novice installation, you can choose an expansion tube with a relatively thicker wall to avoid damage and insecure installation during installation.
The use of expansion tubes is still very simple. And our article also teaches you how to easily install it.

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