cable clamp

How to choose a cable clamp

Everyone must be familiar with the cable clamp. It is very practical for us. It can fix the cable on the wall without causing the cable to be scattered, and it can make the cable neatly arranged. So how sh...

Mini Cable Ties

Introduction of Mini Cable Ties

Cable ties are straps used to tie things up. Some ties have no retreat function and can only be tied tighter and tighter; but there are also ties that can be removed. Cable ties are usually used for cables...

Precautions when using nylon cable ties

Precautions when using nylon cable ties

I believe you will not pay attention to the next few issues when you usually use nylon cable ties in your life. We will use nylon cable ties in many places in our lives, so today we come to understand the ...

Long-term storage conditions of Nylon Cable Ties

Ideal natural environment for storing nylon cable ties: the temperature is about 23℃ and the ambient humidity exceeds 50% to prevent the cable ties from getting close to the pyrogen, such as electric heate...

Canton Fair 2017

Canton Fair 2017

Exhibition: China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair); Venue:China Import and Export Fair Complex (380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou); Date:15th-19th , Oct 2017