Marker Cable Ties (ldentification cable ties)
Marker Cable Ties (ldentification cable ties)
Marker Cable Ties
ldentification cable ties
Marker Ties


Identification cable ties are available in a wide variety of lengths and strengths. The one piece construction allows for consistent performance and reliability. Identification ties enable wire and cable bundles to be fastened and identified at the same time. The identification feature can be either Internal with the marking portion between the head and strap of the cable tie or External with the marking portion outside the head of the cable tie. The identification feature can be either horizontal or vertical to the strap of the tie. The identification feature marking area can be marked with a marker pen or hot stamped. Serial numbers, company logos, and sequential numbers can all be imprinted on the tie. The Identification cable ties are offered in Natural and UV Black. Bulk packaging of 1000 pieces per bag and smaller packaged quantities of 100 per bag are available.

Technical Information

Material: Nylon 66 94V-2 certificated by UL. Acidcontrol and not easy to age.

Material brand: China Huafeng158L;Radici A45L;Invista 4820L

Flammability of raw material : UL 94 - V2

Humidity absorption: 2,7%-2,8% (23°C -50% R.H.)

Installation temperature: -10°C ~+85°C.

Working temperature:-40°C ~+85°C.

Max sustaiaable tempeature for short time:+110°C.

Good resistance to bases, oils, greases, oil derivates,chloride solvents. Limited resistance to acids.

Not resistant to phenols.

Carbon black addiction gives a better UV resistance (only for Black Cabe Ties)

plane figure;CE,RoHS,REACH,ISO9001

Item No,Width,Length,Max Bundle Dia.,Min Bundle Dia.,Min.Tensile Strength

Nyon products

Nyon is hygroscopic, it will absorb moisture, and lose the moisture too. To ensure optimum performance, the material must maintain a 2.5% water.  TOLERANCEpackaging may keep the moisture. In order to keep the quality,it's better to remain the original packaging for Inventories. if stored impropery especally in dry or cold environment, it will lose water from cable ties, and impact the use of cable ties. Once the package is opened; please use out the cable ties as soon as possible.


Here are our suggestion for the cable tie store:

 Do not expose or place the cable ties in direct sunlight environment;Do not expose or placed the cable tie near direct heat;the ideal temperature to store the cable tie;


Bubble box packaging for supermarket

 Cable Ties,Miniature Cable Ties,Bubble box packaging

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