Nylon cable ties and wire accessories in communication engineering

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Zhe Jiang Tolerance Electric Co.LTD is a manufacturer of wiring accessories, widely used in communication engineering and other industries,such as self locking barb nylon cable tie, soldless terminals, junction boxes, cable gland, O type mark tube, cable marker and so on, a short introduction about our products as bellow:


1.The self locking barb nylon cable tie is a derivative of the conventional self-locking nylon cable  tie. It is an improvement of the nylon cable tie. A stainless steel insert is embedded at the head of the self-locking nylon tie ,in order to have more  better locking function.Meanwhile,it can not be affected by moisture and locking will not loosen. The conventional self-locking nylon cable ties are easy to absorb water and the head is easy to loosen, so the locking function is lost. However,the steel-inlaid cable ties solve this problem very well.

nylon cable tie


2.There are many types of solderless terminals, the common ones are insulated ring terminals, insulated spade terminals, insulated pin terminals and SC copper lug terminals. In the communication engineering industry, a lot of circuit boxes are usually used, and there are many lines in the distribution box. The solderless terminals play the role of connecting lines and energizing.

solderless terminals


3.The material of the junction box is divided into stainless steel and plastic. Our junction box products are ABS material and  used in conventional communication equipment. The junction box is divided into a junction box with a soft plug and a junction box without a soft plug. The junction box with a soft plug can be removed, and the original hole can be plugged when not in use, which is simple and convenient.

junction box


4.Marker tubes and cable markers are also to be used together with the circuit box ,which play an vital role in marking cables.

Marker tubes and cable markers


In order to distingish the different cables within the circuit box,we usually use these two markers to differentiate and mark.

In addition,there are also differences between marker tubes and cable markers,the marker tubes are fixed numbers,letters and symbols however cable markers are reular products . You can print the text and notes you want with the label printer according to your demands.

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