Why does the nylon cable tie turn yellow after a period of time?

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Nylon cable ties are made of nylon. Nylon is sensitive to moisture. After production, it needs to be treated with humidity control (water injection or boiling), so that the product can retain moisture, become soft and not easy to break; the use of cable ties is also affected by the environment and climate. It is explained as follows:


1. The cable ties are generally packed in plastic bags. Do not open the package before use, and use it immediately after opening the package.

2. The storage environment is required to be rain-proof and avoid direct sunlight and accelerated aging.


nylon cable ties white



1. Please refer to the specifications or drawings for the bundled diameter of the product. If it exceeds the bundled range, it will be invalid.

2. After bundling, it is recommended to reserve a length of about 0.5MM after cutting.

3. When using it in a bundle below -5℃, please slow down half the speed to wear and pull than usual. After the tongue of the tie is frozen, fast wearing and pulling will affect the risk of the tongue falling off.

4. In the outdoor freezing and freezing environment, take it out of the packaging bag and place it outdoors for 2-3 hours before use, and then carry out the binding test. If the belt is brittle and broken, stop using it immediately and communicate with the manufacturer. avoid further losses.

nylon cable ties black

5. When the product needs to be soaked, please cut open the plastic package and immerse it in clean tap water. Please use the soaked product in time (Note: The pulling force of the soaked product will be reduced, and the pulling force may not meet the standard)

6. If there is white powder on the surface of the black cable tie, it is due to the characteristics of nylon, which will not affect any performance and can be used normally.


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