Market Trend of Nylon Cable Ties

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Before the marketization of nylon cable ties, ropes or cable ties were generally used to fix wires or objects in traditional techniques.
The traditional ropes and ties in the craft are slowly withdrawing from the market, and more and more enterprises and factories are more interested in using nylon ties. This involves the following aspects.


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1. Traditional ropes and ties are generally made of PVC or fiber materials, and these materials will weather or rot quickly over time in daily use, causing inconvenience to the objects after use.
2. Just like the traditional PVC tie wire, it needs iron wire to strengthen its toughness and tension, but because the surface of some PVC in use will be detached or aged over a long period of time, the iron wire will be exposed and directly pierce the object, and if If it is used on electrical wires, there is a danger of conducting electricity.
3. Whether it is rope or traditional binding, it is more troublesome in actual operation, and it is difficult for workers to operate at the same scale, and the labor cost is high. The use of self-locking nylon cable ties is relatively simple, and the easy-to-use method of the same standard brings high efficiency to the enterprise.
4. Nylon cable ties have high tensile strength, impact resistance, and strong acid and alkali resistance. In addition, when used in the industry, nylon itself also has a certain fire rating that can reach 94V2. Ropes and ties are not available.
5. In recent years, the environmental protection requirements put forward by the world, especially in Europe, are difficult for traditional PVC materials to meet the standards set by the European Union. In addition, because the traditional binding requires the use of a large amount of iron wire, my country's steel prices have risen round by round, and there are certain risks in the price, so they have lost the market.



As mentioned above, nylon cable ties have a relatively stable development market prospect.
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