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Since 2008, we've thrived as Wenzhou Tolerance Electric Co., Ltd., mastering stainless steel cable ties and achieving 2 million RMB in annual sales.


Expanding Horizons:

In 2011, we soared with expand plugs and cable clips, targeting South Asian markets.


Rising to Prominence:

Evolving into Zhejiang Tolerance Electric Co., Ltd. in 2016, we reached 20 million RMB in annual sales with cable clips, nylon cable ties, and more.


Pioneering Innovation:

In 2018, we embraced nylon cable ties, leading the high-end global market with ingenuity.


A Global Alliance:

2019 saw an exclusive partnership with a prestigious Russian tool brand, reaching Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.


✨ Unveiling FSCAT:

2021 marked our international brand launch, achieving 50 million RMB in sales.


Empowering Possibilities:

2022 focused on high-performance nylon cable ties, revolutionizing industries.


The Future of Manufacturing:

In 2023, automation and innovation elevated production to new heights.


Cooperate with the FSCAT:

Together, we'll reach new heights in cable tie solutions!

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