What should I pay attention to when bundling cables with stainless steel cable ties?

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Stainless steel cable ties are often used for bundling batteries, cables, pipes and other industrial items of different shapes. When bundling these products with stainless steel cable ties, a professional strapping machine is required to make the binding effect better and more reliable, but stainless steel There are still some precautions when bundling cable ties. Take stainless steel cable ties for example when bundling cables:


stainless steel cable ties


1. Be stable when bundling cables with stainless steel

When bundling cables with stainless steel cable ties, it is necessary to use stainless steel cable ties to tie the cables firmly, and use the same method to tie the cables at intervals, and always bundle the entire cable. stable. In this way, it is difficult to ensure the practicality and aesthetics of the cable as a whole after bundling. So in the end, it is recommended to use a special strapping machine for strapping.

2. The cables need to be neater when bundling stainless steel

The specification of the stainless steel cable ties should be selected according to the cables you need to bundle. Moreover, when bundling two or more cables together, pay attention to the neat arrangement of the cables, not messy arrangement, and the need to keep the cables The overall neat arrangement of the cable will not affect the subsequent use of the cable, which will bring great convenience to the later work.


product sample stainless steel cable ties


3. Bundle the cables in multiple layers respectively

When using stainless steel cable ties to bundle cables that need to be arranged in multiple layers, each layer of cables must be bundled separately, and a buffer should be placed outside the cables when bundling, and a layer of buffer should be placed between the stainless steel cable ties and the cables. At the same time, it is necessary to use the machine to control the tension, not only to leave enough clearance for the cable to avoid damage to the cable, but also to bundle the cable very firmly.

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