The Difference Between Metal Detectable and Self-Locking Cable Ties

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The difference between Metal Detectable and Self-Locking cable ties as below:



1.Metal Detectable cable ties are specifically designed for use in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries.

Self locking cable ties which are suitable for construction,heavy duty,communication industries.


2.The Metal Detectable cable ties are made of Nylon+Metal impregnated materials but for self locking types with nylon materials only.


3.Metal Detectable cable ties meet FDA standards and can be used for metal sensor detection,how ever regular nylon cable ties without the function.


4.The metal detectable ties with blue color and self locking ties are regular black and white.

Metal Detectable cable ties  specification and advantage:

Metal Detectable cable ties has been bring so much more convenience for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries.

The development of this products has saved staffs in these industries a lot of time in identifying their products.


These cable ties sustainable temperature can reach 110℃ in a short time,and it’s also tolerated by alkali,oil,oil derivatives and chloride solvents.


The metal detectable cable ties are manufactured with metal impregnated material, which allows for identification by magnets, x-ray inspections, and metal detectors .

Ties are a teal color per common industry practices for easy visual detection.

Metal Detectable cable ties available in bulk 1000 or 500 pieces bags .

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