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Cable ties are belts used to tie things. They are widely used, whether in industrial, agricultural and other industries, or in people's daily lives.figure. As a bundling tool, the cable tie has more advantages compared with traditional bundling tools such as steel cables, and can make bundling easier and more secure. So, how does the cable tie do this? Take the cable ties of the famous brand TELUNSI as an example to witness the charm of cable ties.


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You should know that traditional tying tools such as ropes bind objects by intertwining the two ends of the rope. However, these bundling forms have many drawbacks, such as too many winding methods and no standard, which will reduce the difficulty of untying the rope; for example, ropes The tightness of the strapping cannot be controlled, and it is easy to cause the strapping to be unreliable... Many disadvantages make the strapping work more difficult. TELUNSI's cable ties use self-locking, loose and other flexible buckle binding forms. Just connect the two ends of the cable tie together and pull it gently to tie the items firmly without loosening. , the strapping is easier and more reliable. In addition, TELUNSI's cable ties also have the feature of being easy to untie. Just separate the end and the cable ties to easily untie the cable ties, making it easier to unlock.

At the same time, traditional steel cables and other bundling tools still have the problem of insecure quality. As time goes on, traditional steel cables will experience aging or mildew, which reduces the reliability of the bundling. TELUNSI's cable ties are constructed of new materials such as carbon steel and nylon, and the quality is particularly guaranteed. Take TELUNSI nylon cable ties for example, they are made of the latest PA66 nylon material, which has good heat resistance and cold resistance; and stainless steel cable ties, made of PA66 nylon material, are very stable in structure. The service life is longer, and its hardness is also very good, and it is not easy to break the stainless steel cable tie, which can make the binding more reliable and durable. It is worth mentioning that TELUNSI's nylon cable ties also have good insulation properties, and they are also very safe to use in the bundling of home appliance lines, and they are more comfortable to use. These advantages are enough to demonstrate the quality of TELUNSI's basic building materials cable ties.

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In addition, TELUNSI's cable ties also have a variety of loose cable ties, such as step cable ties, hole bead cable ties, fishbone cable ties, etc., which not only make the binding easier and more elongation, but also meet the different binding requirements of various industries. It can be applied to many fields such as household generalization, home appliance wiring, or gardening kiwifruit bundling. Therefore, if you are planning to order cable ties, you might as well try TELUNSI's cable ties.

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