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Cord End Ferrules

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> Why does the nylon cable tie turn yellow after a period of time?

Nylon cable ties are made of nylon. Nylon is sensitive to moisture. After production, it needs to be treated with humidity control (water injection or boiling), so t...

> Marine Stainless Steel Cable Ties

On a long voyage ship, all accessories are complete, which facilitates safe navigation. There are many accessories on the ship, among which the stainless steel marin...

> What should I pay attention to when bundling cables with stainless steel cable ties?

Stainless steel cable ties are often used to bundle batteries, cables, pipes and other industrial items of various shapes.

> Market Trend of Nylon Cable Ties

Before the marketization of nylon cable ties, ropes or cable ties were generally used to fix wires or objects in traditional techniques.

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