Do you provide OEM/ODM service?
Yes, Tolerance can provide free design service for your packing and product shape. Although product mold design just need 30 days. Mold fees will be return if reach the quantity requirement.
Do you attend any exhibition?
Yes, Tolerance took part in carton fair and other global exhibition.
Where do your products export to?
Our products has been exported to many countries and regions including Europe, America, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, India, etc.
What’s your product application and solution?
Our products are widely applied on the electrical, home appliances, construction, automotive, logistics, electronics and other industries.
How do I give you the feedback or comment?
You can send us the email or leave the message on our social media.
How do I store the cable ties?
First, do not expose or place the cable ties in direct sunlight environment; Second, do not expose or placed the cable tie near direct heat; Third, store in the suitable temperature.
Why have the water in the packaging of cable ties?
To ensure optimum performance, the material must maintain 2.5% water. “Tolerance” packaging may keep the moisture. In order to keep the quality, it's better to remain the original packaging for Inventories, if stored improperly especially in dry or cold environment, it will lose water from cable ties, and impact the use of cable ties. Once the package is opened; please use out the cable ties as soon as possible.
What equipment do your factory have?
We have more than 10 automatic high-speed injection molding machine and other packing machine.
How can I visit your factory?
Our factory is near the YueQing railway station, you can take the high-speed rail.
What's the structure of your company?
We have abundant talent reserves, including production department, sales department, finance department and R & D department.

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